Let’s Get Started!

What services do you provide?

We are a CAD/CAM service bureau that caters to the apparel industry with pattern making, grading, marker making, technical drawings, tech packs, specifications, designing, sample making, technical design, church apparel, academic uniforms, costumes, and consulting to various areas of the sewn goods process.

What do you need from me to start a customized project?

Please fill out the form located on the Customized Service page in which you wish to inquire.  You must remember projects cannot be officially started without all information, supplies, and payments being in place.

If I send you garments to work from do you send them back?

Yes, we will return them. In some rare cases we may have to take it apart but would make you aware of it prior to doing so.

What if I do not sketch that well?

That is not a problem. Fill out the form and we will take a look at your rough sketches. You would still need to provide detailed sketches which would include: front, back, and sides if there are relevant details on it.  We can provide research and development services for your specs if needed.

How long have you been in this business?

We have been in the industry over 30 years. You can learn more here.

When can we get started?

As soon as you place order and make the payment. Remember, the starting date depends on availability in our schedule. You would send supplies for samples, and fitter if needed, or we can start sourcing the needed supplies through our research and development (R&D) or consulting services. You will need to provide your labels; include the brand, size, care and content labels, and others if your product needs them. Be sure to order your labels early since this is a part of production that holds off initiating your project. We can supply these services thru R&D or consulting in most cases.

Do we need to meet; I am in another state?

It is not necessary as most clients are in different states. Technology helps us with this as we need: email, video or teleconferencing, and text are at our disposal.

We have a celebrity we would like you to make some clothes for. How do you go about making it fit them if you do not meet?

I will need something from their wardrobe that fits as preferred or their measurements to work from. Please provide a sketch or photo of the desired style as well.

Technical Procedures

Do the patterns that you make belong to me?

Yes, they belong to you.

How long does the process take?

To make patterns we need to see what is involved to be able to give you an estimate.

What size do I make the samples?

You can pick any size for them to be fitted in. Your specs determine the base or sample size.

How do I get the fit right?

You can use the, “How To Measure” section found on the pages of our website. Depending on your designs, more specs or measurements may be needed. Those measurements can be input at the point of ordering.

What if my sample needs fit changes?

We get plenty of info from you prior to starting the pattern to try and avoid numerous fittings. Any fit revisions to the pattern itself are typically included in price. If the fit or specs are revised by the customer, it is considered a ‘Change Order’ and can incur more expense and extend the completion deadline.

Do you think I should get a muslin made prior to getting the real sample made?

Our standard process is to do a muslin or fitter to confirm the style or fit for approval. If you are working with expensive fabric or doing styles that are not typical lines you may want a more in depth muslin or fitter of your style. If you are using our samplemaking services, we make an ‘actual fabric’ sample for you to approve to be used to proceed with size sets, salesman samples, or manufacturing quantity.

Do you do wash tests?

Yes, if you need to do wash tests to confirm a garments reaction, we would do it while manufacturing the sample.

Can you order the supplies?

Yes, we can order your supplies once you approve them, which is normally done thru our R&D or consulting services. You can also order the supplies and send them to us. You may have to provide the source for your supplies if it is a specialty project or we can’t locate a vendor for them.

When do I get all the different sizes made?

Once you approve the fit and want to go into production

What are your production minimums?

Depending on the style and fabric, 144 pieces per style, per color in U.S.A.

Can I do less than the production minimum?

Yes, but it would cost more per garment.

How long does it take to do the production?

Once you have approved the garment, and depending on your project’s size, fabric and trim, it can take an average of about 1-3 months per purchase order.

How will we work from a distance?

Email, computers, phone, and mail.  We’ll make a ‘fitter’ for you to approve or request changes on.  We could access the fit model based on the body specs you approved and do fittings here, then send them
 to you for final approval. We are also able to utilize Skype or other possible video conferencing, as well as emailing pictures to accomplish this instead of mailing many times.  We will go over the process to make it simple.

Can you work from my patterns?

We prefer to make our own patterns. We would need to look at them to see if they are suitable. Any adjustments needed to the patterns would incur costs.

I think I am ready to go into production; what do I need?

Technical spec pack, patterns, samples, markers, fabric, trim, and labels. Prior to production, we need to know what size ranges you need your garments to be in and we’ll grade them. If you want something other than standard ‘specs’ for sizing/grading, you would need to provide them. We can also help you with specs and grade development with consultation. We’ll make your markers prior to producing your orders or you can send or take the markers to another manufacturer.


What are your fees for consulting?

The initial information provided from the Contact Us page is at no cost to you as a client. Additional consultation information is provided with a feww which can be deducted from the balance of your initial order.

How do you charge?

By the actual work that we do. To get an actual price you will need to provide sketches and other information through the form for your desired project and we will go over pricing and process.

Can I get a discount?

Bulk production orders get more of a discount. Ordering 10 or more of our robes will be discounted. Getting multiple designs and services done in one purchase order for apparel tech services may also be discounted.

What is the smallest order you take?

One style.

How do I pay?

You would process your payment for products in the shopping cart through PayPal: credit card, check, money order or bank transfer. We work more directly with customized and technical design project needs, then you would process your payment through PayPal also.

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Is it safe to use?

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How do I figure out how much to charge for my garments?

We have formulas that help us determine the cost of pre-production. Normally, estimates that come in for the week by noon on Fridays are processed for you early the next week. You do costing on your production project to determine what you need to have it made for. Depending on the quantity we would confirm if we are able to manufacture it for that price. Production costs are determined by many factors; if you need help with costing we can provide that service.

How is the production typically shipped?

Utilizing a carrier of choice via store checkout, USPS, unless you have a preference through your account’s provider.  Packaging depends on the project’s needs. All packaging requests should be included in your tech packs.