Born2Danz  Zwd

When You’re Born to Dance!! Praise Dance! Mime! Born2Danz Conference at New Mercies Christian Church, Lilburn, GA June 9 thru 10, 2017! Allow the team from La’Boris Cole share their gift of dance as you learn and share with other talented dancers and mimes.

Praise Dance Apparel represented with #ZWD client Arise Dancewear. Arise Dance Apparel line was developed for adults and children for #Dance and #Mime. They can provide you spectacular dancewear for your dance team when you want to Dance Like David Did!!

Want to Customize a Cassock robe for Mime or Dance, let ZW Designs show you how! There is a growing need for dance apparel to address the needs of mimes and dancers. Let #ZWD help make that journey smoother as we transition our cassock robes into the statement of your hearts dreams! Want to ask about what you need for your team? Just send us a note thru our contact form our our facebook page. We’d love to hear your suggestions on how we can better serve you.

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